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Te koop / For Sale



PDW-F70 XDCam HD Recorder     250,00 Per Dag


Te koop / For sale            200Euro

Nordmende https://vimeo.com/104601783

te koop / For Sale Nordmende Color Vision CCS

Nordmende CCS Dit is de enige echte flying-spot scanner voor 8mm.
Let wel er zal waarschijnlijk nieuwe snaren in moeten, en andere rubberen dingen.

maar hij werkt wel

Nordmende manufactured this machine during the nineteen seventies as a precursor

to the home video revolution. It is a fully functional flying-spot telecine device that

takes special cartridges filled with Super8/Single8-film and provides VHF or UHF

output to a television. The machine could handle both silent and sound super-8 film

and featured basic colour adjustment controls. Although the device provided no

composite video or component outputs, these are easily located inside the device.

The device generates a C.R.T. raster on a phosphorescent screen that is refocussed

via a 20mm S-Sonnar 1:1,3 Carl Zeiss manufactured lens through the constantly

moving film. Synchronisation is maintained through a photocell that detects the

film perforations. The film is transported onto an internal non-removable take-up

spool so that film on completion must be fully rewound to be removed from the

machine. The special loading cartridge will accept film lengths up to 400 feet on

reels similar to those used for old 1/4" reel to reel tape. The device also permitted

the dubbing of audio on to magnetically striped Super-8 film stock. Images can be

freeze-framed without damage and the sprocketless continuous drive mechanism is

very gentle on film stock being both pushed and pulled through the mechanism by

rubber rollers.